About the Creation of this Guide

This guide was created by me (Kate LaRocque). This web-based guide was my final project for my Master of Education (Counselling Psychology) at the University of Lethbridge. My future goal is to be a sex therapist.

This project began as a thesis on the experiences of Albertan women seeking help for sexual dysfunction. While preparing for graduate school, I enrolled in a course called Psychology of Women. One of the assignments was to develop a research proposal on one of the topics we covered in the course. As this course contributed to my growth as a feminist and increased my recognition of the injustices that women face in every aspect of their lives, when I found Berman et al.’s (2003) study on women’s negative help-seeking experiences, I knew I had found my topic. Later, when Dr. Kaitlyn Hillier suggested that it could be a thesis topic, I resolved to study this during my Master of Education (Counselling Psychology) at the University of Lethbridge. During the development of the research proposal, I spoke with many female friends, acquaintances, and even strangers about their help-seeking experiences and found that there were many women who had had negative experiences and would be willing to be interviewed. Unfortunately, several significant barriers, including the Covid-19 pandemic, inhibited my completion of this thesis, and I switched to a project so that I would be able to complete my degree more quickly and begin my career. This was a difficult and heartbreaking decision, but I believe that it was the right choice, as this final project will likely have a more direct impact on women seeking help for FSD. You can find the whole project (similar to a thesis) here.

You can find out more about Kate at katelarocque.com.

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